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The International Journal of Wellbeing was launched on 31st January 2011 in order to promote interdisciplinary research on wellbeing. The editorial team are dedicated to open access for academic research, and to making the journal's content permanently free for all readers and authors.



IJW Article of the Year Prize

The International Journal of Wellbeing (IJW) is proud to announce the ‘IJW Article of the Year Prize’.  The prize will be awarded each year for the best original research article published in the International Journal of Wellbeing.  Recipients will be chosen by a vote of the selection committee, which will consist of IJW editorial board members.  An announcement featuring the winner(s) of the IJW Article of the Year Prize will appear in a subsequent issue of the journal, along with a brief summary of the article’s results.  
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Vol 5, No 2 (2015)

Table of Contents


Wellbeing in Bhutan PDF
Robert Biswas-Diener, Ed Diener, Nadezhda Lyubchik
Mahayana Buddhism and Gross National Happiness in Bhutan PDF
Michael Givel
Everyday happiness: Gifting and eating as everyday activities that influence general positive affect and discrete positive emotions PDF
Robert Hurling, Peter Alex Linley, Helen Dovey, John Maltby, Joy Wilkinson
A statistical meta-analysis of the wellbeing literature PDF
Robert J Eger, Jan H. Maridal
The markers of wellbeing: A basis for a theory-neutral approach PDF
Tim Edwin Taylor
Developing wellbeing at work: Emerging dilemmas PDF
Pertti Antero Laine, Risto Rinne
Workplace wellbeing programs: If you build it they may NOT come…because it’s not what they really need! PDF
Gordon Spence
Vicarious posttraumatic growth: A systematic literature review PDF
Shekinah Faith Manning, Ian de Terte, Christine Stephens

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