The Job Crafting Questionnaire: A new scale to measure the extent to which employees engage in job crafting.


  • Gavin R. Slemp Monash University
  • Dianne A. Vella-Brodrick


job crafting, task crafting, relational crafting, cognitive crafting, scale development, wellbeing


Empirical research on employee job crafting is scarce, probably because until recently scales with which the construct can be reliably and validly measured were not available. Although a general scale has recently been developed, the cognitive component of job crafting was omitted. The aim of the present study was to address this gap by developing and validating the 15-item Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCQ). The sample consisted of 334 employees who completed a battery of questionnaires, including the JCQ. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses both supported a three-factor structure that reflected the task, relational, and cognitive forms of job crafting originally presented by Wrzesniewski and Dutton (2001). Convergent analyses showed the JCQ correlated positively with indices of proactive behaviour (i.e., organisational citizenship behaviour, strengths use, and self-concordant goal setting), and positive work functioning (i.e., job satisfaction, work contentment, work enthusiasm, and positive affect). These analyses also showed the measure correlated inversely with negative affect. Reliability analyses indicated the measure has high internal consistency. Together, the analyses supported the reliability and validity of the JCQ and it shows good promise as a measure to progress research on job crafting.

“Permission to use scale: The Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCQ) may be used for research as long as proper credit is given. Permission is not needed to use the JCQ and requests to use the scales will not be answered on an individual basis because permission is granted here. This article should be used as the citation for the JCQ, and this note provides evidence that permission to use the scale is granted.”


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